Our Mean State

This is a very small fishbowl we all live in. Man throws a chicken bone out the kitchen window and a brick lands on his brother’s head. And then we all cry “Why me, Lord?” We use words like yours and mine and theirs and ours…like they mean something. To some people those words mean … Continue reading

If this is the end, I’m eating strawberries

May 23, 2010 This is not just an oil spill, folks. I suspect this is a fissure in the earth’s crust. It can’t be fixed. We just signed the earth’s death warrant. If they try to fix it by blowing it up, it will only get worse. While we argue over strategies, blame, and political … Continue reading

Fall line-up

My window tells me it’s hunting season in the forest; the animals arrive in droves. Wild turkeys nosh in the ragged edges of high grass near gas wells and fence lines. Deer sample delicacies in my front yard and garden, stepping gingerly through the rock garden in stiletto heels like yuppies at Starbucks. A possum … Continue reading


Winter comes in many ways, sometimes at the height of summer. This photo was taken at Waldameer Amusement Park, Erie PA, August 2010.  I was struck by the similarities between the old woman and the tree: their wizened appearance and apparent age, their immobility, their confinement within a man-made artifice to protect them.  I was … Continue reading